“The holidays are coming…”

“The holidays are coming…”

Today is 19th November 2020 and London is in the middle of its second Covid lockdown. We’re not really sure what the rules will be in 5 weeks time, but the season’s ads have launched, my neighbours have their lights up already and it feels like spirits are lifting a little.

So on the topic of seasonal ads, I wanted to share this piece of clever marketing that came through my letterbox earlier this week. It’s Papa John’s Christmas menu. To be honest, I don’t eat pizza so these ones usually go straight in the recycling but something caught my eye…

“Photoshoot on the cheap this Christmas. No apologies” accompanied by some perfectly adequate food shots by Sarah in Marketing.

I like this.

They’ve used their team to do their Christmas menu and given the money they saved to Crisis and The Trussell Trust instead. I don’t know what that’s worth, financially, but in ‘likes’ and brand value alone, it was a clever decision. Here I am, talking about it.

The ad is cute too. A different cute to John Lewis but more my kind of cute. You can see it here.

The Christmas offer itself is less special I feel. They’re giving 50p from their £25.99 Festive Feast meal deal to the charities too. I’m sure that adds up and I’d be interested to know what that generates by 26th December, but that’s not what people are talking about.

If you want to see what the other usual suspects are up to this Christmas, my friend Helen James has written this great Christmas round-up. Go enjoy her post and start warming up the Christmas spirit and hope the holidays are coming!


PS, if you read my last blog and are wondering why this post isn’t about antibacterial laminate, this tumbleweed represents the official verifications and authoritative views received so far…but I’m still working on it…

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