Graphic Design

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, photography and illustration” (thanks Wiki!).

Graphic design is all around us. When design is done well, you don’t even notice you’ve been ‘courted’ (think apple, for both their products AND their graphic design).

Good graphic design is a deliberate balance of typography, space, colour and imagery. It just feels right.

Look around when you next go shopping. Everything has been designed with intent. Supermarket basic brands are often designed with plain fonts and single colours to look inexpensive. Brands and products that use serif fonts, dark rich colours and photography look more expensive and better quality. It’s all just packaging that has been carefully thought about and purposefully designed.

Image: This wedding PhotoStation promotion was designed to look fresh and fun to reflect the brand.


Good graphic design helps you communicate clearly and reinforces your brand values.
Good graphic design works for you.

Graphic Design should:

Communicate your message clearly
(what do you want to say?)

Evoke an appropriate emotion
(what do you want your audience to feel?)

Include a call to action
(what do you want your audience to do?)

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