Don’t Judge a Book

Don’t Judge a Book

Jan Lewis Creative, Romford, UnderCover Books

… by its cover but by its packaging.

I don’t know which of the two ideas below came first but it doesn’t matter – they both reawaken our interest in reading.

I’ve often heard that we should avoid screens and monitors for an hour before bedtime for better quality sleep. Well this is a great way to find new material and raise money for a good cause.

This first example is a business booster by an Australian bookshop. It’s called ‘Blind date with a book’ and is now also available in Waitrose stores in the UK.

Blind date with a book

I haven’t seen these myself but I heard about it in a tweet and it reminded me I had a half-written blog draft about Undercover Books.

I discovered Undercover Books in a coffee shop in Kingsland Road. It’s a brilliant idea and product created by the charity All the proceeds go towards helping children living in poverty get access to education. I just found out they have new books too but the ones I saw were preloved.

I love the simple but good quality packaging and that they’re handwritten. It’s a personal gift chosen for me. I couldn’t resist this one…

Undercover Books

The anticipation you feel before opening a present was worth the £7 alone. And here it is…

Undercover Books

I’ll make it my next bedtime read.

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