Branding projects are my favourite

I love to create logos but, beyond that, I also want to know how it’s used.

Branding involves everything that represents your business and every interaction with your audience.

It’s very satisfying building a strong, recognisable brand and watching it grow.


Your logo, look and messaging should represent you and will help your customers recognise you amidst the noise.

But your brand is more than your logo. It is everything people think, hear and say about your business. Every action and interaction should reflect your brand values because every interaction forms the bigger picture of your brand.

If you don’t know what your brand values are, we can work them out together.

Our branding services include:
Logo design
Brand sheets and guidelines
Brand analysis
Defining your brand values
Brand refresh
Business basics (customer touchpoints)
Presentation design


If you’re just setting up, we can create a logo to get you started.
It doesn’t have to cost the earth or be a scary, life-long decision.
Your logo can be changed and updated – in fact, it should change and grow with the business.


If your business is already established, do you know what your customers, potential customers and their influencers think of you? How old is your logo? What do people think when they see it? Do they recognise it – do they know who you are? Maybe it’s time to invest in a brand audit. Is it time for a refresh?


Whether you’re a new business or have been around for a while, a brand sheet or brand guidelines document will help keep the visual aspects of your brand on track.

They provide some basic rules on how to use your logo, what fonts and colours to use and how to keep your brand’s visual identity consistent which will build brand recognition.


Have you reviewed your customer touchpoints lately?

Your basic stationery is a customer touchpoint, but how else do you present yourself?

• Do you have an email signature?
• A proposal cover or template?
• Does your business use packaging?
• Do you have premises with signage?
• Do you have internal communications?
• How do you exhibit or pitch your best self?

If any of these areas aren’t presenting the best you, let’s make them better.

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